Sew In With Closure Side Part



Product NameSew in with closure side part
Hair ColorNatural Black/#1B
Hair Length8-30 Inches
Hair Texture/StyleStraight-Single Drawn
Hair Type100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair Bundles with Closure
Hair Weight100-110 Gram/Piece
Unit3 Units
Hair Weft TypeMachine Weft
Shipping Time5-7 Working Days
Can Be DyedYes Hair Can Be Dyed
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1. Major Highlights                           

  • 100% Virgin Hairs
  • No Shedding & No Tangle
  • Bouncy Shiny & Soft
  • Natural and Comfortable

2. Quality Assured 

  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • Double Weaving Tight/Neat
  • Cut From Young Girl Donor
  • Minimum Short Hair

3. Our Hairs

  • Can be  Curled & straight
  • Can be die/bleach
  • 100% washable
  • Easy to comb

Sew In With Closure Side Part: Design To Make, ADORE YOURSELF!

Lace closures normally are available in 3 types: middle part closure, side half closure, and free part closure. Sew in with closure side part permits you to part anywhere.

Sew in with closure Side part is a sort of pre-parted closure with a side parting. The side part closure will divide the hair into two unequal elements, and also the proportion normally comes in: 3:7 and 4:6.

Middle part vs side part closure

  • Women wearing a middle part closure look additional symmetrical in face shape than a side part closure.
  • A middle part closure will elongate the face form.
  • If your face appearance tends to be short, we advise you choose a middle part closure.
  • A side part will weaken the sides and corners of the face, and build the face from an appearance that tends to be softer.
  • If you continue to tangle between side part closure or middle part closure, why not choose a free part closure.
  • With a free half closure, you'll be able to part anyplace you prefer.

How to install side part sew enclosure

  • Step 1: Make sure you have a wig cap that fits your head correctly, as well as mousse and an iron comb for shaping, wig glue for gluing the wig cap, and a needle and thread for sewing it in.
  • Step 2: Make little cornrows with your natural hair.
  • Step 3: Put on the wig cap and check to see if it covers all of your braids; if not, stretch and adjust your wig cap.
  • Step 3: Use an adhesive to seal the edges.
  • Step 4: Sew the lace closure to your cap; because we're making a side portion, place the closure on the side of your head rather than in the middle in this step.
  • Step 5: Sewing the human hair bundles, circle by circle, from the rear to the head.
  • Step 6: Make a side part by plucking along the line to create a natural look, and then style your hair as desired.

straight side part sew in with a closure

  • Straight side part sew-in with closure is almost similar to side part sew-in. The only difference is that in the straight side part, your hair is styled up in a sleek and straight manner.

closure side part sew in

  • With time, side part closure sew-in has become the most popular way of installing hair extensions.
  • There are various benefits of using a net.

Sew in with lace closure side part

Using side part Closure Sew-In Technique

  • Those who are putting in a closure ought to align them with the section within the head. within the hairline’s front, you must leave a few quarters of the closure. you have got to put the first sew through the facet half closure. Then, keep sewing into the braid and tightly pull out the thread. To secure the closure, loop and convey the thread to its edge.
  • While you're securing one side of the closure, raise somebody to carry another one. Since the perimeters ought to stay protected, don’t pull the thread or the closure too tightly. you must sew the side part closure on the braid and therefore the perimeter. Hence, you must not leave huge gaps between stitches.
  • The closure ought to be sewn toward the head’s back. you must continually sew the edges at the start before sewing the rear. Wefts ought to be doubled before you begin stitching the bundles. Begin at the head’s back.
  • The needle ought to stick through the wefts to the braid at the lowest. Then, once more place the needle through the yarn. once finishing 6 stitches, knot them. One doesn’t get to bear yarn whereas sewing each time. they will bear the yarn once reaching the head’s edge and knot the thread.

side part closure sew in with curls

  • Most people love the side parting but depending on the shape.
  • Anyone who loves curly hair will wear it in different styles and methods.
  • Straight weave hairstyles with side parts.
  • There are different sew-in styles, and curly sew-in style is one of the many.

Lace closure side part

  • lace closure is hair sewn strand by strand into a lace patch.
  • Deep side part means the closure that is parted deep on the left or right side of the hair. Together it is called the lace closure side part.

full sew in no leave out no closure side part

  • This protective hairstyle is called invisible part sew in and because this style has no left out no leave or no glue you can enjoy rocking this hairstyle without experiencing hair breakage

side part closure hairstyles

  • Straight weave hairstyles with side part
  • Long straight hair with a side part
  • Deep side cut sew in
  • Afro style with side parting
  • Side part sew in style with bangs
  • Side-swept ombre style
  • Sew in style with the invisible part
  • Side part sew in with leave outs
  • Straight weave hairstyles with side part
  • Long straight hair with a side part

How to take care of lace closure sew-in?

  1. As soon as you receive the human hair bundles with closure, wash them.
  2. Wash your lace closure sewn in once a week, and instead of using a hairdryer, use a soft towel to dry your hair after it has been washed.
  3. Before going to bed, remove the lace closure sewn in and store it on a model head. This may assist in preventing hair loss.

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