Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions



Product Namecheap clip in hair extensions
Hair ColorNatural Black/#1B
Hair Length8-30 Inches
Hair Texture/StyleStraight-Single Drawn
Hair TypeClip In Hair Extensions
Hair Weight100-110 Gram/Piece
Unit3 Units
Hair Weft TypeMachine Weft
Shipping Time5-7 Working Days
Can Be DyedYes Hair Can Be Dyed

1. Major Highlights                           

  • 100% Virgin Hairs
  • No Shedding & No Tangle
  • Bouncy Shiny & Soft
  • Natural and Comfortable

2. Quality Assured 

  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • Double Weaving Tight/Neat
  • Cut From Young Girl Donor
  • Minimum Short Hair

3. Our Hairs

  • Can be  Curled & straight
  • Can be die/bleach
  • 100% washable
  • Easy to comb

Cheap Clip In Hair Extensions : Design To Make, About Us:

You may have regarded hair extensions if you've always wanted luxurious long tresses but don't have the self-control (or lifestyle) to grow your own, or if you enjoy changing your hair length regularly. Permanent clip-in hair extensions, which are put with knots and glue, are one way to add depth and dimension to your hair, but if you simply want a temporary alteration, clip-in extensions offer a wide range of length, volume, and color for a lot less money.

Clip-in hair extensions modify your look in seconds by simply clipping the hairpieces to your existing hair. There's no need for glue, heat, or strain because the parts snap into position and out just as effortlessly, allowing you to change your look whenever you choose.

where to buy hair extensions near me

  • Beauty Centre Goa
  • Hair Works, Margao Goa
  • Hi-Tech Hair Replacement And Hair Weaving Centre, Panjim Goa
  • Beyond Looks, Margao Goa

The Hair House, Bambolim, Goa how to clip in hair extensions

  • 1-Working from the bottom up, section off your hair and secure the majority of it at the crown of your head.
  • 2: If your hair is recently washed, use a dry shampoo to add some roughness to your roots before spraying them with hairspray. This will give the clips additional grip and prevent them from sliding out.
  • 3-Tease the roots where the clips will go with a backcomb after sectioning the hair into little parts.
  • 4-There are two or three clips on the hairpieces. Begin with a three-comb clip, making sure that all of the combs are open.
  • 5-By slipping the clip into the teased region from the top and locking the clips shut, you can attach it where you've backcombed. 
  • 6-Allow an inch of hair to fall to the ground once you've fastened a piece.
  • 7-For added hold, spritz the roots of that part with hairspray as well.
  • 8-Backcomb the hair at the roots once again, being careful not to damage the portion which has already been clipped in.
  • 9-As previously, attach the next hairpiece.
  • 10-Put the side pieces just above the ear, keeping the clips far enough back. so that once you've let your hair down, they won't be visible (a good guideline is to not place them in front of your ear). It's fine if the pieces overlap; just make sure you clip onto your hair rather than the extensions.
  • 11-After you've applied all of the pieces, separate off the remaining hair on top of your crown to be backcombed. This will give the hair more texture and help to hide the stray hairs.
  • 12: Backcomb the extensions from the middle of the top of your head back.
  • Last but not least,
  • After backcombing the top section of your hair, spray it with hairspray to keep it in place all day and hide the extensions. Since the additions,

where to buy clip in hair extensions

You can buy clip- hair extensions anywhere be it online or offline in-store Few of the online stores are

  • Nykaa
  • Nexa hair
  • Snapdeal
  • Diva Divine
  • Flipkart
  • Amazon

best cheap clip in hair extensions

  • 1. Beauty Works Double Hair Set: best hair extensions for volume
  • 2. Foxy Locks Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions: best hair extensions for length
  • 3. Cliphair Curly Full Head clip-in extensions: best extensions for curly hair
  • 4. Isheeny Afro Kinky Curly clip-in hair extensions: best extensions for afro hair
  • 5. Easilocks clip-in HD fiber bouncy ponytail: best clip-in ponytail
  • 6. Hairdo clip-in Human Hair Fringe: best clip-in fringe

cheap clip in hair extensions UK next day delivery

  • Pure hair extension UK
  • Market hair extension Uk
  • Shop beauty with ambition UK
  • Amazon

 Hair extensions the UK how much are clip in human hair extensions

  • Clip-in extensions are exactly what they sound like: they clip onto your hair and add length to your hair quickly and easily. Good clip-ins might cost anything between $85 and $400, based on your preferences.

where can I buy cheap clip in hair extensions You can get cheap clip hair extensions online

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • India Mart
  • 1 hair stop
  • Snap deal

where can I find clip in hair extensions

  • Best Seamless: Hidden Crown Extensions
  • Best for Ponytails: Luxy Hair Ponytail Clip-In
  • Best for Long Hair: RPZL Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Best for Natural and Textured Hair: Kinkistry Kurlgenics Clip-Ins
  • Best for Bangs: Bellami Hair Cleopatra Clip-In Bangs
  • Best for Thick Hair: The Hair Shop Pro 7 Clip-In® Set
  • Best for Thin Hair: Cashmere Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Best for Buns: Luxy Hair Clip-In Bun
  • Best for Beginners: Hidden Crown Halo Extensions
  • Best for Curly Hair: Better Length Curly Clip-In Set

where can I buy human hair extensions near me

  • Deep wave human hair
  • Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs Mumbai
  • Hi-Tech Hair Replacement And Hair Weaving Centre
  • Beyond Looks, Margao, Goa

best cheap human hair clip in extensions

  • GOO GOO Remy Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair Extensions
  • 36 Packs Colored Clip in Hair Extensions
  • Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • My-Lady Double Weft 100% Remy Human Hair Clip-in Extensions
  • SWACC 22 Pcs Colored Party Highlights Clip Hair Extensions

cheap clip in hair extensions next day delivery

  • eBay – Remy’s diamond
  • Alibaba
  • wigsbuy

cheap thick clip in hair extensions

  • Get longer, thicker, and more gorgeous hair with Nexa weft hair extensions, and feel more confident than you have in the past.
  • Our Luxurious set, which is made completely of clip-in lace quad wefts, has more hair but fewer clips. This results in a thicker, more natural-looking product that is more pleasant to wear.

Clip-on weave for natural hair

  • Clip-in Weave extensions for natural hair are a minimal protective style since they are simple to apply, but they still require you to manage and look for your natural hair every other day at the very least. This will improve your chances of keeping your hair healthy and adding length to your natural hair.

how many pieces of hair extensions come in a pack

  • 30-40 piece pack

how much is Remy clip in hair extensions

  • Remy Clip On Hair Extensions, for Personal, Rs 2500 /piece

where to buy clip in hair extensions Calgary

  • Radiance Hair Extension Salon & Supply
  • Xpose Beauty
  • Celebrity Hair Extensions & Supply - By Appointment
  • Sally Beauty
  • Hairsense Beauty Supply
  • Belleza beauty
  • Ultimate beauty

About Us:

Established in 1996 Being Hair is the leading hair exporter in all around the world. We have exported to more than 123 countries

& over 100 million customers. This journey goes with your support & love. We considered as best hair vendor in USA, Alabama. New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Canada, South Africa etc.

Our aim is  to provide best quality hair extension at affordable prices. To achieve this our team is working very hard by opening various R&D centres and  high tech production units.


We know the importance of time and to achieve this we are working with many shipping companies  with DHL & UPS to deliver your articles within 3 days however, our multiple warehouses in USA made us to achieve worldwide delivery within 3 days.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Hair Length

14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30


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