Blonde Lace Front Bob Wig Human Hair Straight Hairs Wigs



Product NameBlonde Lace Front Bob Wig Human Hair
Hair ColorBlonde
Hair Length8-30 Inches
Hair Texture/StyleStraight-Single Drawn
Hair TypeLace Front Bob Wig Human Hair
Hair Weight100-110 Gram/Piece
Unit3 Units
Hair Weft TypeMachine Weft
Shipping Time5-7 Working Days
Can Be DyedYes Hair Can Be Dyed

1. Major Highlights                           

  • 100% Virgin Hairs
  • No Shedding & No Tangle
  • Bouncy Shiny & Soft
  • Natural and Comfortable

2. Quality Assured 

  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • Double Weaving Tight/Neat
  • Cut From Young Girl Donor
  • Minimum Short Hair

3. Our Hairs

  • Can be  Curled & straight
  • Can be die/bleach
  • 100% washable
  • Easy to comb

Blonde Lace Front Bob Wig Human Hair : Design To Make, About Us:

Blond or fair hair, also known as blonde, is a hair color that has low levels of the dark dye pheomelanin. The visible hue that results depends on a variety of factors, but it is always yellowish.

The color can range from very light blond to rust-colored "strawberry" blond or make of gold. Blondism is a term used to describe the state of being blond, specifically the presence of blond traits in a primarily dark or colored population.

About Blonde Lace Front Bob Wig Human Hair

  • Right Lace Frontal Wigs, 100% Unrefined Human Hair, Elevated

Quality 10A Brazilian Virgin Human Hair, Short Haircut From

Adolescent Donor, Wholesome and Vivid, Skin Comfy

  • Excellent Human Hair Lace Frontal Hairpieces Blond hair,

Thinning, and Knotted Free. Soft and silky hair that is true to length. Can be colored, scrubbed, gestured, and refitted as desired.

  • 13x6 Clear Lace, Undetectable, Gentle, and Weatherproof. Blonde Hair Wigs with Healthy Hairline and Baby Hair.
  • (Average Size) Medium Cap with Configurable Strap and 4 Combs,

Simple to Modify & Sturdy, Wear Maximum comfort. Straight

Blonde Lace Frontal Wigs Human Hair 150percent Density

Because hair color darkens with a time of life, organic blond hair is much less prevalent in adult years. Blonde hair is found naturally in people who live in or are dropped from people living in the northeastern half of Europe, and it may have developed alongside the development of high skin, which allows for more effectiveness.

There are no two shades of blonde that are the same. Blonde comes in a plethora of variations, from strawberry blonde and golden syrup blond hair to caramel blonde and frosting blonde—as well as a plethora of other shades that don't seem quite as delectable (but still look gorgeous). It's also not only a light-to-dark spectrum. Blonde hair can take on white, yellow, red, brown, orange, and rose gold tones and still look completely different. It's easily the most flexible hair color (if you can call it that) because it works so well with so many various colors and fabrics.

Going blonde appears to be a hair state that almost everybody goes through at least once in their lives.

How to install Blonde Lace Front Bob Wig Human Hair

  1. Stretch the hair net with your palms and place it around your neck from your brow.
  2. Place the whipstitch edge down, clip another side with two hands, and squeeze the net up until it covers your hair.
  3. rights and dignity the whipstitch side to your headline and secure with your fingers.
  4. When you're finished, use bobby pins to secure your hair on the back rather than the top.
  5. It is preferable to repair from the front, down, left, and right sides.

About Us:

Established in 1996 Being Hair is the leading hair exporter in all around the world. We have exported to more than 123 countries

& over 100 million customers. This journey goes with your support & love. We considered as best hair vendor in USA, Alabama. New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Canada, South Africa etc.

Our aim is  to provide best quality hair extension at affordable prices. To achieve this our team is working very hard by opening various R&D centres and  high tech production units.


We know the importance of time and to achieve this we are working with many shipping companies  with DHL & UPS to deliver your articles within 3 days however, our multiple warehouses in USA made us to achieve worldwide delivery within 3 days.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Hair Length

14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30


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